We believe you should have a choice.

The lack of privacy is the biggest threat to the crypto space.
That's why we work to create solutions that make privacy widely accessible and incredibly simple for anyone, anywhere on earth, to exercise their right to that choice.

Incognito mode for the token economy.

If you’re here reading this, you already know how fast crypto assets are changing the way we think about money. For those who value privacy, crypto assets come with a big tradeoff. Transactions are recorded on public ledgers, displaying amounts involved, inscribing virtual identities of their senders and receivers.
Given the choice, we strongly believe that very few people will willingly disclose their crypto financials to the entire world. Incognito offers anyone the option to turn on privacy mode in this new world of crypto networks.

The founding team

We’re a diverse team of 30+ cryptographers, distributed system researchers, programmers, and community builders - busy building the privacy layer of the decentralized web.

Join Incognito

We’re looking for deeply technical people as well as switched-on generalists. If you’re interested in what we’re building, email us at go@incognito.org.