HEDUS: Blockchain education for K-12 students

How important will blockchain be for Generation Z? On the one hand, many experts say we’re still years away from buying coffee with Bitcoin. On the other, China continues full steam ahead on their national cryptocurrency. While there’s still uncertainty about when blockchain will enter our daily routine, there is little doubt that it will.

The next question is, how should K-12 teachers introduce blockchain to their students in 2020?

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Verified Badges for Custom Privacy Coins on Incognito

Custom Privacy Coins created on the Incognito blockchain can now become verified! To receive a verification badge for your coin, complete the following steps:

  1. Issue a new privacy coin on Incognito.
  2. Fill-in required fields for verification badge
    1. Creator Name: How you choose to be identified; could be your first name, telegram/twitter handle, etc.
    2. Website: A web domain for your Privacy Coin project. (e.g. myprivatecoin.co)
    3. Email Address: An email address that matches your website. (e.g. admin@myprivatecoin.co)
  3. Email the Incognito team (go@incognito.org) with your TokenID, and make sure your TokenID is clearly posted on your website.
  4. We will review your info and respond within 2 work days.

The goal of the ‘verified’ badge is to help users find active Privacy Coins, and to make it easy for creators to promote their Privacy Coin and connect with customers. 

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Privacy Crypto Competition

Make privacy crypto transactions to win!

Special announcement: we have decided to temporarily pause the current competition and will re-open the competition after 1 month.

Privacy Crypto Competition is a competition for Incognito Wallet users who transact Privacy BTC (pBTC), Privacy ETH (pETH), or Privacy USDT (pUSDT). To join, all you need to do is to download the Incognito Wallet, turn your cryptos into privacy cryptos, and transact privacy cryptos of one of the 3 types mentioned above.

The competition will take place from 17:00 UTC, December 18, 2019 to 23:59 UTC, January 31, 2020. The winners will be announced in February 2020.  

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Privacy Coin Awards: Issue your own cryptocurrency to win!

Announcing Privacy Coin Awards
, a competition for custom cryptocurrencies created on the Incognito blockchain. To join, just download the Incognito Wallet and tap “Issue a Privacy Coin.” Create your own cryptocurrency in 15 seconds, set up a customer loyalty program, trade IOUs, and more.

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Pay Incognito on Autonomous and get $25 rebate

In the wake of today’s privacy concerns, e-commerce startup Autonomous is glad to integrate ‘Pay Incognito’ as one of its payment methods. Pay Incognito will kick off from the first day of 2020 for shipping addresses in US.


As a different, privacy-protecting alternative to traditional payment options such as Paypal or Amazon Pay, buyers will be able to purchase smart devices and workspace products completely anonymously with untraceable crypto.


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Welcome to the Node Unboxing Contest

To celebrate the release of our clever little device, we’re giving away prizes for the best Node unboxing videos.

Send us a clip of you getting to meet your Node, and win Node devices for your friends, Incognito t-shirts, and our native token PRV.

How? It’s pretty simple:

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Incognito pDEX: How it works and how to use it

UPDATE (11 December 2019): Now anyone can be a liquidity provider! For instructions on how to add your own pair or supply liquidity for an existing pair, scroll to the bottom of this article.

pDEX is a different kind of exchange. It’s non-custodial (which means your money is actually yours), it’s decentralized (built entirely on-chain), and because it’s powered by Incognito — it’s completely anonymous, of course.

It also facilitates instant matches by means of an automated market-making mechanism (more on this in a bit), and offers a chance for anyone to become a liquidity provider and earn a percentage of trading fees.

pDEX is the privacy-focused, inter-blockchain and instant-matching rendition of Nick Johnson and Vitalik Buterin’s conversations on Reddit circa 2016, and Hayden Adam’s implementation of Uniswap in 2018. Continue reading Incognito pDEX: How it works and how to use it