Cyber Monday Special: Pay Incognito on Autonomous

In the wake of today’s privacy concerns, e-commerce startup Autonomous is glad to integrate ‘Pay Incognito’ as one of its payment methods. Pay Incognito will kick off on the week of Cyber Monday for shipping addresses in US.


As a different, privacy-protecting alternative to traditional payment options such as Paypal or Amazon Pay, buyers will be able to purchase smart devices and workspace products completely anonymously with untraceable crypto.

Buyers opting to Pay Incognito will unlock exclusive $99 deals, and qualify for further discounts on top of other purchases.


Why Pay Incognito?

Typically, all cryptocurrency transactions and balances are publicly available for anyone to view.

Pay Incognito changes that by converting traditional stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD and DAI to privacy-first counterparts — pUSDT, pUSDC, pBUSD and pDAI. Buyers simply need to make a regular cryptocurrency payment through the Incognito Wallet to benefit from privacy-protection.

Chi Tran, CMO of Autonomous, said, “we aren’t the first company to introduce stablecoin payments, but we’ll be the first to test out completely private crypto payments. We typically see at least 150,000 sessions over the shopping holiday, so this will be a good test of market demand.”

How to Pay Incognito

Don’t have crypto yet? Just scroll to the section below this one.

1. First, download the Incognito Wallet app.


2. Select the currency you want to pay with, say USDC (pUSDC)

Note: The Incognito Wallet will handle all conversion of stablecoins to their privacy counterparts. USDC displays as pUSDC, USDT displays as pUSDT, and so on.

3. Tap Deposit.

4. Now, simply send your USDC to the address shown on the Deposit screen.

5. You’ll see pUSDC in your wallet in a couple of minutes.


6. You’re now ready to Pay Incognito on Autonomous.

First, copy the Autonomous Incognito Wallet address displayed on the Autonomous site. Then, navigate to Send, paste the Autonomous wallet address in the field, or just scan the QR code.

Note: All Incognito Wallets come with a small amount of PRV to cover hundreds of transactions on the network. The buyer pays nothing, and there are no other fees.

7. Make sure all details are correct, then tap Send. This may take a few seconds to a minute to complete.

Want to Pay Incognito but don’t have crypto?

It takes about 5 minutes to get some.

Depending on where you’re located, you may find some currencies more convenient to obtain than others. Here are short tutorials for each coin:



If you have any trouble at all or have questions to ask, just reach out to the Incognito support team at and they’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Ready to Pay Incognito on Autonomous?


Questions? Comments? Send the Autonomous support team a note via livechat on their website, or reach out directly to Incognito at

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