Welcome to the Node Unboxing Contest

To celebrate the release of our clever little device, we’re giving away prizes for the best Node unboxing videos.

Send us a clip of you getting to meet your Node, and win Node devices for your friends, Incognito t-shirts, and our native token PRV.

How? It’s pretty simple:

1. Record a video of you unboxing your Node. 

2. Upload it to either YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Remember to set it to Public mode! 

3. Email us the link at go@incognito.org 

Here’s an example from our very own office:

Our top 3 favorite video creators will win some fun prizes:

1st place:  1 free node + 1,000 PRV + 1 Incognito T-shirt. 

2nd place: 1,000 PRV +  1 Incognito T-shirt 

3rd place: 1,000 PRV

Submissions will close on 30th December 2019. Results will be announced on 2nd January, 2020.

We wish all of you the best of luck. Can’t wait to receive your videos and witness your unboxing of Node!

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