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Create privacy-first tokens and applications (pApps)

Create your own private, secure, untraceable digital token. Use the Incognito SDK to build your own privacy-protecting applications. Incognito is decentralized by design and secured by hundreds of nodes, so no downtime, censorship or third-party interference.

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  1. Download the Incognito App

  2. Create an account and copy your wallet address

  3. Complete the Incognito Ecosystem Survey
  4. Your submission will be reviewed for authenticity

    We verify each submission manually to make sure rewards are distributed fairly. If your submission looks suspicious, you will be asked to provide additional information via email.

  5. That’s it! 5 PRV will be added to your wallet. If your PRV has not arrived after 12 hours, please message Peter on Telegram or at for support.
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  • Privacy Apps (pApps) and Tokens

    If you’re developing an app on the Incognito chain, we would like to help support you with technical issues and promote your app. Reach out to Grant on Telegram or at

  • Incognito Platform Tools

    Incognito is governed by The Incognito DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). A percentage of all block rewards will go to the DAO, and these are used to fund protocol development and network growth.

    Incognito DAO’s funds are initially managed by the founding team. Management responsibilities will be gradually distributed to the community beginning early 2020, and community members will be able to vote on their favorite projects and receive funding from the DAO to build them.

    For now, if you’d like to get involved in developing the Incognito Platform, reach out to Grant on Telegram or at
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  • Privacy Token Systems

    At the time of writing, 1,600 tokens have been created in the blockchain ecosystem. We believe that in the near future, tokens will increasingly represent everyday assets, including but not limited to stocks, fiats, gold, real estate and any form of ownership. We also strongly believe that very few people will willingly disclose their token holdings to the entire world. Incognito offers developers a simple way to create privacy-preserving tokens.

  • Privacy Stablecoin (aka. Cash)

    The stablecoin is one of the most promising iterations of blockchain utility. Stablecoins are typically pegged to world currencies like the USD or Euro, thus not subject to the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. As a digital currency, stablecoins are borderless, making them the perfect vessel for cross-border business payments or simply a secure way to store personal savings. Stablecoins are digital cash. Very few people want the world to know how exactly how much cash they have. On the Incognito platform, a privacy-preserving stablecoin (such as private DAI or private USDT) can be created in a few taps.

  • Privacy DAO

    In a Decentralized Autonomous Organization , governance and decision making are automated. The most common design is that everyone holds a number of voting tokens, used to cast votes on proposals. The problem is that the voters are exposed on a public ledger, and could be compromised. A privacy-preserving voting token would make the system more secure.

  • Anonymous Prediction Market

    Decentralized betting and prediction markets were first proposed by Robin Hansen. This concept was later materialized by crypto projects like Augur and Gnosis . While these betting platforms remove the middlemen (the bookies), they still suffer from the identity problem. A privacy-preserving token could be used on these platforms to keep users completely anonymous.

Earn PRV by contributing to our developer resources

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