Create privacy-first apps (pApps) on Incognito

Use the Incognito SDK to build your own applications with private, secure and untraceable digital coins. Build one of the world’s first privacy-focused applications, and get funding for your idea from the Incognito network.

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Use cases

What kinds of pApps can I build?

Incognito is a new blockchain ecosystem with privacy at its center. Shielded accounts and transactions mean new opportunities for financial transactions, customer rewards, games, contracts, and more.

Use Incognito to buy, sell, hodl and trade crypto assets privately and anonymously.
Integrate Incognito with your POS or e-commerce store to reward customers with private, tradable coins.
Take your games to the next level with secret coin balances and transactions.
Digital Cash
Integrate privacy stablecoins to your payroll or e-commerce store. Give users the privacy and stability of physical cash with the borderless freedom of cryptocurrency.

Get funding for your project.

DAO Grants provide funding to developers to want to create new privacy apps (pApps). Anyone can apply, and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

We want to fund apps that..
  • Increase the number of users and transactions on Incognito.
  • Take special advantage of Incognito’s privacy features.
  • Can be deployed quickly.
  • Also, we really like open source projects.


How can we help you?

Incognito is committed to supporting developers. Let us know what you need.

Join our Developer group on Telegram or email us at

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Incognito is open source.

Incognito embraces a full-stack approach to decentralized privacy, reimagining technology at every layer. Every line of its code is freely available.

Anyone can participate, everyone can join, no one can ever restrict or control Incognito. Incognito is and will always be 100% open-source.