Launch and connect your Digital Ocean Instance

Want to help build the privacy layer of the decentralized web and earn rewards? Validators are essential to the security and robustness of the Incognito chain.

This October, Incognito will launch Node Device, its own plug-and-play staking hardware. For now, you can get a head start by running a virtual node on your computer, or on a cloud instance such as AWS. Just follow the instructions below.

Incognito is currently running on the testnet. Block rewards are being paid out in testnet PRV, and will be converted to mainnet PRV at a fixed rate.

Questions? Reach us on Telegram or email us at

Log in your Digital Ocean Account

Create one if you don't have

Click "Create" -> "Droplets"
Set up your droplet

Choose Ubuntu

Choose Standard (4 vCPUs and 8 GB Memory)

Name your host

Click Create

Your Droplet is now created. This is the IP address to run your Virtual Node

Connect your Droplet

Please check your email, details of your droplet (IP address, username and password) will be sent to you.

Open Terminal for Mac/Linux or PowerShell for Windows:

Run this command

ssh root@(your ip address)

Then type "Y"

Copy and paste the password received from email

Change your password

Then you're connected to your server