Add privacy to your crypto payroll.

Send completely confidential payments to your globally distributed team. Obscure all balances and transaction details with a single tap.

Have a lean team?
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Core features

Putting payroll on the blockchain makes perfect sense, but exposing salary details to the world can be tricky. Enable incognito mode for your payroll and keep all transaction details completely confidential.

Obscure sender and receiver addresses, balances, and transaction amounts. Protect your team’s privacy.
Keep full control over your funds. Incognito is fully decentralized. You hold your own private keys.
Pricing starts at $0 – it’s free to make unlimited transfers of unlimited amounts. Get more bells and whistles from just $4.99 a month.

How it works

Send private, global payments in just a few minutes.

Download the Incognito wallet for iOS or Android
Deposit crypto to your Incognito wallet
Get your team to get their own Incognito wallets
Send completely private payments to your team
Try out the basic version for free.
Want something a little more powerful?
Get one-tap multi-sends, payment notifications and your own management dashboard.

What our customers say

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The only private crypto payroll option
We’ve tried a few different crypto payroll services but the lack of privacy was a dealbreaker. We tested Incognito last month and the results have been good so far. Instant transfers as you would expect, and confidential.
Nghia - Growth Executive at Autonomous
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Works for any type of crypto
It hasn’t been a difficult transition – we can continue payroll in our stablecoin of choice, but now the details are visible only to the relevant parties.
Peter - Copywriter at Constant
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Good for cross-border teams
We are trying out Incognito for the first month for part of our operations, and so far we are liking the results. We’re saving a bunch of money on bank fees, our employees get their money faster, and we can still protect their privacy.
Liz - General Manager at DVG
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Free option works well
We’re a small startup so we really appreciate the free option for ‘Lean’ teams. It’s a no-frills product offering but good enough for our purposes. Lets you send and receive any cryptocurrency privately.
Tram - Designer at Essen


Tell us which features matter the most to you, and we’ll recommend the right plan.

Unlimited employees
Complete privacy
Near zero transaction fees
Support within 48 hours
Unlimited employees
Complete privacy
Near zero transaction fees
Management dashboard
1-click payments
Support in real time