Ad upon opening?

Crazy thought:
To help increase revenue slightly, what about placing a 5 second ad, not any longer, each time we log in. It is not inconvenient and solid external revenue.
Good idea? One for the back burner for now? Or a terrible idea?


I would personally really be against this because it would mean yet another tracker added to the app. I already think that the current trackers in the app are too much.


What kind of tracker would this be?
How intrusive, more or less than the ones that it already has?
How many trackers would need to be added?

Well, it would be at least an advertisement tracker. It would depend on who is advertising what exact trackers would be embedded in the ad. Especially for a privacy project I do not think it makes sense that third party advertisement companies would get access to a list of a people (IP addresses for example) who use Incognito.


I personally would not like it. We promise privacy, so we attract people who care for there privacy. Once you see an add you think of trackers etc.


But is it really that pervasive though? Is it worse than the trackers already embedded is my point?
If it is not worse, then is one more that bad, especially since it will contribute to the project?
If it’s a bad idea then fine, but there’s already like 19 trackers so unless this will add 100 more trackers then I don’t see the big issue?