ADA as Privacy and Staking Coin inside PRV wallet

I am a hodler of Cardano and an enthusiast of Incognito. Cardano is having its trial staking of Shelley incentivised net. Even though they are lots of delays in Cardano, I do find its potential to be immense. Incognito is also another one which I feel has immense potential. If Cardano ada prv can be plug-in to the wallet with the incentivised Shelley Test net and subsequently Shelley Main net, we may be able to stake our ada as a United PRV pool for Cardano.

Cardano is until recently the TOP 10 coins and still have more than a billion capitalisation. I am sure the tie up will bring great convenience, flexibility and choice as well as staking profits for us with a single click on Incognito wallet rather than the current not too tidy pool staking in Cardano Shelley.

For your consideration please.