Add Epoch counter to Mainnet Explorer page

It would be useful to have an epoch counter on the Mainnet explorer page.

I mocked up what this could possibly look like:



interesting. @Mike_Wagner so the idea is to count how many blocks so far until the epoch is completed?

cc @thaibao @binh

Yes. Since the status of our nodes is no longer provided in app, this would help determine if it $NOW is good time to power cycle a node or unplug a pNode to move it elsewhere, etc.

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We will have an issue for this advance feature on github

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We got it on explorer and closed issue on github

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Excellent! @duy @thaibao

Looks like the counter is counting down, not up?

If so, suggest the “/350” could be removed. I imagined it would count up from 0 to 350, hence the reason to contextualize the counter with the target block count for new users that may not be familiar with the epoch length. Counting down to zero is intuitive and really doesn’t need the epoch length (ie /350) for context.

Watched the final few blocks tick away and then the change over from Epoch 651 to 652. Maybe I need to get out more, lol.

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