Automation system for node shipping

1. What problem are you solving?

At the moment, we still use Google Sheets and handwritten notes to track node orders, and update users by email manually. It’s a painful approach that is slowing efficiency and increases the risk of human error.

2. What is the solution?

We need to build an automated system that can process orders and sort data, send confirmation and tracking emails, and issue work orders. The system needs to handle all processes that are able to be automatized, from start to finish, except where human initiation is necessary.

3. Who are you?

The project will be implemented by @peter, @phuong, and @dungdang on the core team.

@peter is an enthusiastic person who wants to improve efficiency in the workplace. He has 2 years of experience working with customers in purchasing and 1 year working as an internal project team leader.

@phuong is a data expert, who has 12 years of experience building data centers and structuring information systems.

@dungdang is a senior software engineer. He has built and improved a number of software projects in the past

4. Why do you care?

Automation in the traditional product market is a given. But with such a high priority on security and accuracy in the blockchain industry, we want to bridge the gap and bring successful automation to Incognito to make the whole process smoother and less wasteful.


5. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

The project duration will be 2 months, from February 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020.

  • Automated process for the Order’s status (Pending/ Confirmed/ Cancelled/ Return): Completed
  • Receive address and process the data from an external source: March 31, 2020

6. What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
Incognito Protocol Engineer (1month) 500 PRV 1 500 PRV
Frontend Engineer (2month) 500 PRV 1 500 PRV
Subtotal 1000 PRV
TOTAL (x 2 months) 1,500 PRV

@Peter, this is fully funded and in “work in progress” category now. Please update the community about the Feb progress.


Thanks Annie.
So far we built the system successfully. Now it can receive the purchasing information from the buyers (personal details and funds). We use those data to deliver confirmations, updates, and follow up emails. This is automated now.
This March, we keep moving to address the rest element: inventory checking and advanced features like return/ replacement process.


Great Peter. Funds have been disbursed for Feb. Keep us posted!

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Weekly update March 2nd - March 9th:
Working on automation email from an external source: Input all the tracking numbers in a file and send it at one time automatically.
Expected result:


Weekly update March 9th - March 16th:

  • Completed “automation email from an external source”. Displayed the status accordingly.
  • Working on Inventory checking and update order status this week.

Hey @Peter please update the progress if any.

Weekly update March 16th - March 22th:

  • It is almost done: Now we can know the total order in a specific tag (pending/ paid/ cancelled/ returned). Working on a way to visualize it (i.e: a dashboard).
  • Current status:
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awesome @peter - now let’s hope we never have to use the cancelled/returned tag :wink:

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Weekly update March 23th - March 29th:

  • Our admin system is finalized. We fully support the user from the beginning until they returned the Node
  • I am discussing with the team about the maintenance cost/ ultilize task for this system if any
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