Can i stake my BTC?

I’m new to this and on top of that swedish :wink: so excuse me if my english is a bit weird.
To the question, I transfered some bitcoins to my incognito-wallet today and I don’t understad how to sheild them so that I can use them to stake.
I thought i’ve shielded them but how can one tell if it is so?

And how do i add the new adress that is generated by shielding?


Hi. Once the coins are in your Incognito Account, they are shielded.

Staking is only possible with PRV at the moment.
You could trade your coins to PRV and then stake.

An other option is to look at providing liquidity. Since this is done per trading pair you would need some amount of PRV and some amount of the counter part of that trade.
Do read about being a liquidity provider before you start doing this.


Thank you!
I will trade them to PRV