Charts and Tradingview

it would be lovely to be able to make our own sales and buys within the dex or have limit orders. Also it’d be nice to see a chart for prv via tradingview

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Speculative trading on a utility token, I mean I guess. Kinda defeats the purpose of the price being determined by it’s usefulness. There would definitely be large price increases and decreases for no real reason.


Thats not my purpose. You need to be able to know when to buy in. I have to go to a different place to know when I want to enter. It defeats the purpose with no charts. Its almost like all market orders and who knows who is determining the price? Come on dude :man_facepalming:

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for instance the flash crash in March. From the old chart I could see prv went to 0. Or close to it. That would have been a lovely time to accumulate :roll_eyes:

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Well has all the information and price charts. I know there has been a push to get it implemented into places like coinmarketcap and what not. Hopefully that should be available soon.

On Incscan, your able to see all the transactions that happen on the network. Things like buys, sells, and exchanges to other crypto. I understand why as an investor you would want things like limit and stop orders. But if that were to be implemented, in my personal opinion the price of PRV would be way more volatile. Obviously you can’t stop people from speculative buying and selling, but PRV has a more important use case and I rather limit unnecessary price swings. If I saw a bunch of buy/sell orders pending at a specific price, that would influence what I would do with my PRV. Now the price of PRV would go up and down according to the “market”, and not because of it’s intended purpose. I invest in PRV because of it’s stability and importance to the network. When people wan’t to cash out, they should be able to, and I shouldn’t care or feel the need to worry about losing a ton of my value because people see it as a sell signal. That being said, I don’t think there is a way to stop something like this, and I guess it comes with the territory.

I keep tabs on the price with IncScan, and I got in right at the bottom when I thought it was great value to stock up on some more PRV. If you really did want automatic trades, it might be hard to implement that on the Incognito platform as everything done on the network requires a transaction to be made. You would need separate servers to host these orders which is an extra expense. It might be better to have a script running to pull the price yourself and make a transaction when it hits a certain number. Implementing it on the Incognito side isn’t really that possible because of how its decentralized. Personally hosting your own automatic orders would honestly be better anyways because other people aren’t able to see what you set your orders to. Privacy is king.

[As a side note]
Personally I have never been a fan of people treating crypto like the stock market. When I first got into crypto, I treated it just like any other currency, and I made transactions with it to buy things. If I kept those crypto, I would be filthy rich right now, but I am happy with the way that I used it.

I personally have all my money in crypto, not necessarily to receive massive gains from price ballooning. But because I rather not use worthless paper controlled by governments and money printers. If I make money off of it, cool. But cryptos intended purpose wasn’t to have massive price fluctuations, but to be treated like a commodity currency. This whole idea that crypto is the new stock market is understandable, a bit disappointing, but it definitely helps bringing in adoption and money to build infrastructure. You take the good with the bad.


Well said bro