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This is in relation to the COIN app:
Hey I know about XYO and trust me, do not send it straight to Incognito wallet yet!!
Incognito has a random, one time use deposit address that will expire after 60 minutes. The COIN app takes 1-3 business days to send so it won’t work yet, you have to go to KuCoin then incognito.

If you have XYO from somewhere else than the COIN app then you may be okay :joy:

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I have a Metamask account I’ve been using to HODL my converted Coin app XYO tokens, nearly 500,000 or around $100 USD. I’d rather they be making me money than the fraction I get as HODL rewards in app.

Yeah HODL on the app is horrendous.
If metamask can make a deposit in under 60 minutes, then send it on over to incognito. Do a test deposit of like a dollar worth of XYO first.
Go to your wallet, scroll to the bottom, click add coin to list, search for XYO it’ll have a green checkmark next to it meaning it is verified.

As the liquidity pool is a little low for XYO right now, I noticed that trading 1000 XYO at a time allows the least amount of price slippage.

I’ve got all this down, I just wanted to know if I’m going to get anything if I pair the XYO and PRV in the investment pool. It’s not listed so I was wondering if I would get a return or if I should just convert it all to PRV and stake that. The one hour limit on receiving could be a problem.

Currently, you will earn nothing since the trade fees are zero. XYO/PRV pair hasn’t liquidity rewards as well. That’s why I asked this question. Duy had said that he had some thoughts on this issue a few weeks ago.

Didn’t reward you got covered the impermanent loss ?

@Jerry_Watson @FutureMiner in a new subsidizing model, the reward will be split to all PRV related pairs, Including XYO.

More info will be closer to the end of this week.


I have several variations of Liquidity on the app so I have no way of knowing what rewards were given for what. I view $60+ USD loss over some 4 - 5 weeks to be too great regardless of the profits made.

Also calculating the profits I don’t believe I was paid any extra rewards to cover the impermanent losses.

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Welcome to the community Nasir_Eskiocak…:sunglasses:


Liquidity payout was lower this week, was there a reason for this?


Yeah I was under the impression that it was 25. Per month? Am I incorrect?

It depends on which pairs you provide liquidity for but I would think payout would not go down if you did not take out any liquidity. Trading volumes have increased week haven’t they?


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Weird, I’ve never seen this screen…

Hey @Silvercap718 yep, I also noticed this. The previous week’s reward was higher than it should be. This week we launched a new script for the calculation which is much more correct. You can compare what you received with the calculator. Let me know if will still not match. I’ll investigate it deeper.


Hi andrey,

The calculator is currently locked and requires permission to access. Is it possible to unlock it?

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@Ferg40 I was confused at first too. If you provided liquidity to the pool before they setup this screen then you won’t see it. You can only see this information if you have no liquidity.

Notice the get started button. We only have a button to add more liquidity.

Hey @tiedyeboy fixed, please try one more time https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KKAEg82PSFH2NmJj8c_4wcsUre4iPmT2pJCXl85mdVU/edit#gid=0


Difficult :frowning: @andrey
If I invest 1000 USD how much will I make a profit per week?


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