Community rewards are live!

25/3 Update: rewards will now be paid out every Thursday :slight_smile:

It’s here!

Community rewards are live, and the first PRV earnings are landing in wallets right now! :space_invader:

Badge holders, if you haven’t yet added your wallet address to your profile, please do so! You’ll have received an email with instructions. Rewards are paid out every Tuesday.

How do I see which badges i’ve earned?

Go here:

Green ticks :white_check_mark: mark badges you’ve earned, the rest are the badges you could earn. Haven’t earned any badges yet? No time like the present :wink: Each badge will tell you what you need to do to earn it, and the rewards that will come with it.

Note to those receiving rewards : Some of you may see your badges and earning totals split across two or more emails (and may receive payouts in two or more transactions). This is because we’re sending rewards in batches and we’ve synced up payout with notifications. :see_no_evil:

Next week going forward, emails will follow once all payout is complete so you guys get just one tidy email, with one tidy list.