white label card program

Super interesting. has started a white label debit card program. Basically they want to partner with other projects to provide project-branded debit cards, similar to their MCO cards.

Not sure whether this is something Incognito wants to dabble in, as I am unsure how this could work within the privacy mission statement, but I thought I’d broach it here for discussion.

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I think it could be an interesting startup to run by someone from the community.

We can help with tech details, but need someone who will be passionate in running such business.

From users perspective to have a debit card on crypto you store on incognito - is the most privacy focused approach in the world!


I would love a card like that!


@andrey, do you think this would make a good dao proposal?

Privacy-wise, what if KYC is required?

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  • I would use an Incognito debit card (even if the card required KYC)
  • I would use an Incognito debit card (but only if the card required no KYC)
  • I would not use an Incognito debit card either way

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Looks like KYC is not a problem. The advantage is still there. You keep receiving BTC, ETH, USDT on your incognito amount and it remains untraceable.

@Gold I think it’s a good idea for Builder rewards. You will build your own business on top of it and will be getting builder rewards.

Think about it, or let’s share this idea with someone who could find it interesting )


I have the card. I used it every day. My Netflix and Spotify is refunded in mco every month. Plus I basically get free money every time I buy stuff that I normally buy. So far so good I guess


Working on a design concept…



What do you all think of this site so far? Just a rough idea right now. Not finished, probably not mobile friendly, and the waitlist isn’t active yet. FYI.

Working toward submitting a proposal to CdC. Closer to that time, I will apply an actual domain name,, but for now I’m stuck with the Wix address.


Hi @Gold I like the idea but its going to need more work if it’s to succeed. I’ll be interested to help with this project if needed.

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Thanks, @Joe_Bloggs! What areas do you think need the most work? Also, what strengths could you bring to the project?

@Gold the concept is good,like cacheless idea too. Studied graphic design and business management seems like ages ago now. FNot really good with code but learning that now as I code my way to running my own eth2.0 masternode. I guess just anything I can do to help really. Have you thought on the project idea yet?

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I, too, studied graphic design, so I know how important outside input can be. It would be good to have a second set of eyes in that regard. Your business management skills could definitely come in handy. I am not experienced with coding, either, not beyond HTML, CSS, and ActionScript (lol). I definitely am more interested in the design and marketing side of the coin than I am the coding side.

Currently my ideas for the project are:

  1. Develop a web presence (improving mobile exp too)
  2. Start a viral waiting list to prove demand
  3. Submit the idea to CdC for approval
  4. If approved, start LLC for startup
  5. Coordinate details between CdC and Incognito devs
  6. Figure out how the card will actually work in conjunction with Incognito (i.e., what token will users stake to unlock the benefits of the card? what are the benefits of the card? [assuming they are similar to the CdC MCO card, but want verification])
  7. Update web presence based on these details
  8. Roll out the wider adoption phase
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I could look into 6 further as it might be needed in other to get approval from CdC

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I like the idea. With all the fuss about liquidity this concept would add to the legitimacy of the project.

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I think a privacy card should not be metal like mco cards. It should be cheap enough to replace easily for more privacy. Plus personally I wouldn’t want more than one metal card in wallet at a time.