Desktop wallet for Incognito?

How about we build the Desktop version for Incognito wallet for faster transaction speed & more features? What other features should we have?


Agreed, I prefer to use desktop for trading. For features, I’d like to see:

  • pDEX table: trading pairs, rates, 24hr % change
  • pDEX chart: historical prices for selected pair
  • Queued transactions/status
  • Address book
  • USD-equivalent balance of all tokens in an account

If the desktop wallet would just make transfers possible, I would already be happy.

Some of the people I want to send my own issued tokens to, have devices too old to install the app.

Apart from that, it is way easier (and probably safer) to operate the wallet on desktop. Having to send your keys by email to store them in a safe place is already a struggle for many.