Discuss: how to grow Incognito

Share your ideas for adoption and growth here.

Moonshots, intuitions, and well-laid plans all equally welcome :raised_hands:

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I think starting a YouTube channel would help with PR and getting the word out to people. I’ve thought about even starting a Crypto channel myself and featuring both Incognito and Constant on it. I think something like this, professionally produced, could give a sense of more credibility and clout to the Incognito network and give people something to look at and trust, especially showing video demonstrations of how easy it is to turn the Crypto into pCrypto, and also demonstrating rewards for Staking. People like proof. They like visuals and simplicity. And they like returns ($$).

I can’t imagine anything more important than PR at this point. If people don’t know about, or if they know about it and find it inaccessible… things go nowhere.
The word needs to get out in order to scale. A well produced YouTube channel would help to promote that.


Thank you Mike. We also set up our Youtube channels with some video demonstrations like this one.. I’m wondering if this is something you refer to? Due to lack of resources, this is not very professionally made but i think it’s good enough. I also like the idea of a video demonstrating rewards for staking. If you could make some videos featuring us, that’s super great. Do let us know.

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Oh, nice! I didn’t even know you had these videos! I think they’re great as a start.

Just my vote: I think it could be helpful if they were more featured on the main website! I think people LOVE watching videos, and don’t so much like having to read long articles. You know, as like a sales tactic? (Speaking from my long term experience in sales and training doctors to sell services to their patients.)
You only have 5-10 seconds to get someone’s attention and interest to make the “sale.” Videos are able to capture this attention in people. Then once their interest is captured, they may go on to finding more information on the forums and blogs, or watch longer videos with more information.
I think that in the YouTube era, these sorts of communication mediums really reach to people very fast when they are at the forefront of PR.

You guys have a great product that is valuable. Now people just need to SEE it.

Just my two cents.

And yes I will definitely let you know if I make videos featuring Incognito and PRV.


Thanks Mike. Did you know that if you are into set up a Youtube channel for Incognito, if you have any ideas, you can just create a detailed proposal then submit it for funding. More infos are here.

Ah, the video explaining about this experiment would be a good one.

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That’s good to know! I’ll look into it further.

There is a video about the funding? Is that what you mean?

Hey Mike,
It would be awesome if you can make a video how get your Idea/project funded by Incognito as the first one :slight_smile:

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