Evolution of pNode setup

Today my second node came and I couldn’t believe the difference in the setup process.

My first pNode (it was part of the first wave of nodes) took over a week to setup and had zero feedback during the process. (Granted support was with me each step of the way trying to figure things out)

My new node told me what step it was in the setup process, seemed to run into some errors but corrected itself and a few minutes later it was up and running.

I think it’s always nice to reflect on the evolution of products and processes, good or bad.


For real! Same, setup took me almost 5 months for my first pNode. My next 4 were setup within 5 minutes each.

Not to mention a huge shoutout to @Peter who was SUPER patient and kind enough to bare with me for the entire 5 months. Incognito team is awesome!