Future PRV Value

Hello all,

You all guys remember recent sell off and making PRV from 0,88 USDT -> 0,56 USDT (36,3%)

But did you know the bottom is already achieved at 0,56 USDT and right now will chasing the new All Time High :smiley:

In technical analysis there’s pullback from rally, and also chart pattern.

ABCD Pattern
Length of AB = CD

And i’m making this forecast for the future PRV Value. (Not Financial advisor)


And right now i’m using DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) to save more PRV for the future :smiley:
You can browse about what is DCA, and how it works.

If Privacy win, PRV win.
Support Incognito :indonesia:


Hey admin, when Binance? when moon? when lambo? :joy:

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Hey @abduraman

Soon :rocket:

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