Hey I'm Chucky and I'm an Incognito Rebel!

Chucky here!

I believe I am the fourth Incognito Rebel!!

I am located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and speak Spanish and English perfectly!
I will mostly be doing outreach, translations and community building for Incognito.

I’m currently translating the Whitepaper into Spanish as well as some other core posts that the team believes to be important.
I’m also reaching out actively to different cryptocurrency wallets to see if they want Incognito Mode integrated onto their wallet as well as trying to find possible partnerships with some of the top (and not so top) cryptocurrencies!

Really glad to be on board!

Much love.

-Chucky out.


Great to have you here, Chucky! Thanks for sticking around while we got things set up :raised_hands:


My pleasure!

Do they know you are really a rebel? :grin:
Thanks for joining, I am sure you will be a great help.
Have fun!


Shhh dont tell em the truths… Emm privacy Jamie PRIVACY! :grin:

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Hey Chucky, granted you the Rebel badge :smiling_imp:

It doesn’t… do anything… except look cool. But you can use it as a flair if you like!


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Hey! Updates this week:

-Having a real rough time retrieving my wallets funds, so that took up alot of my time.
-Translated the Incognito Pitch to spanish.
-Have not looked into more partnerships with potential blockchains.

Wanted to let you guys know what’s been happening in Chuckyland.

-Chucky Out.