Hi! Mack Tjan Incognito Rebel

I’m Mack Tjan.
I’m from Grand Junction, Colorado.
Disabled Vet with alot of time to spending helping Grow Incognito Network! I’m a self-taught programmer! I’ve earned 39 (so far) Certifications as a Blockchain Developer. I travel alot through the States and have alot of people I am in contact with around the world who also are intrigued with Crypto. I have been looking for a team to start working with and what better place the Incognito! I love Incognito for many reasons: The Fact that it’s being taken back to Privacy with Crypto is major! In a world full of corrupt governments, One needs to be ensured that Crypto will continue to remain Without Government Attached. The fact that the pNode is super affordable, efficient, sexy looking design, light weight, NOT LOUD AT ALL! makes the choice to switch to Incognito very easy!
I first started out looking at Helium Hotspots and was not impressed at all. Great idea but a total waste of time and money. So I found Incognito!!! I once was blind but now I see Incognito Style!

Ok, now that’s out of the way…
I’m also offering my skills as a developer to Incognito for whatever reason is needed.
As everyone already knows, I can develop fast, accurate and on point! I have many things I would like to do, but I seem to be lacking direction! Soon that note, I would like to start taking in ideas of things the Community and Staff would like to have/need running! Thank you for this opportunity and chance to grow with Incognito!

I plan to use my websites and many other forms to do out-reach for farther growth to Incognito!


How lovely