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The home page of the wallet needs some TLC. It burns my eyes (not literally) not to have what matters most to me and I’m sure 99% of all those that are using the wallet app…Earnings! 9 icons when we first open the app seems a little over excessive.

Very simply make earnings displayed on the home page at the top for all coins that have been accumulated. Everything else that has any statistics below. Pretty much any other well established crypto wallet starts off with exactly that “Hello beautiful check out your earnings 10k PRV” :heart_eyes: …not word for word but I think you get the idea.

Im just a user with a wallet thats staking PRV. This is not a project but hope it brings some attention to our beloved wallet home page. I want to see project grow and be well established and like everyone else, being excited when open the wallet shouldn’t make me feel like :roll_eyes:

Bottom line:
Please hire a home page designer or consultant, I’d like to feel happy again when I’m opening the wallet.

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