How Node was born

The Process

Designing the shape.

We wanted Node to look a little different from the typical home device, but still elegant enough to fit in any room. Here are some early sketches.

Crafting the mould.

This part was super fun

Selecting the materials.

Node is made of scratch-resistant, anodized aluminum, so if takes a minor tumble, you’ll be ok. It’s lightweight (X lbs), sleek (size), and robust.

Waiting to have life put in them

Everyone loves a little canvas

Full speed ahead.

Production of the first Nodes has already begun. Here are a few snapshots of Node coming to life.

Say hello to the granule mixer

2 assembled moulds looking like friendly robots

Aluminum shape treatment

Environmental commitments

We integrate sustainability into the very core of the product. By powering a PoS protocol instead of the traditional PoW, Node is an energy-efficient alternative to an environmentally wasteful industry.

Node is predominantly made of aluminum and canvas, both of which are widely recyclable, and constitute easily removable components. The motherboard is lead-free and can be repurposed. Node opts to be powered by external sources and thus does not contain a battery. Node’s packaging is made entirely out of recycled cardboard and paper – no plastic is used.