How to Build Privacy Coins, Apps and Projects on Incognito

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Anyone can participate, everyone can join, no one can ever restrict or control Incognito. Incognito is and will always be 100% open-source.

Issue your own privacy coins

Incognito is the first platform for privacy coins. While other project focus on creating privacy for one token, Incognito lets anyone create a privacy coin. There are two types of Privacy Coins on Incognito:

1. Incognito Native Coins

This option creates a totally new Privacy Coin from scratch on Incognito. Anyone can do it, and it only takes a few seconds:

  • On the main wallet screen, click ‘Issue a Privacy Coin’
  • Fill-in the Name, Ticker, Total Supply, and other Information
  • The creator of a custom Privacy Coin can edit the description and other information at any time. Make sure to backup your private key if you want to edit this information later!
  • What to go further? Apply for a verified tag for your custom Privacy Coin!

2. Shielded / Ported Coins

  • On the main wallet screen, click ‘Add coins to your list’
  • At the bottom of the screen, click ‘Issue your own privacy coin’
  • Under ‘Select a token type’, click the network of the coin you’d like to shield. Currently ERC20 and BEP2 networks are supported.
  • Enter the Origin Symbol for the original coin.
  • After you’ve added your coin, select it from the main wallet screen and click ‘Deposit’ to shield your public coins.
  • Shielded coins receive a verified badge automatically

Build your own Privacy DApps (pApps)

You can use Incognito SDK to add built-in privacy to your DApps!

Get funding for your project

DAO Grants provide funding to developers to want to create new pApps. DAO Grants are used to fund apps that…

  • Increase the number of users and transactions on Incognito.
  • Take special advantage of Incognito’s privacy features.
  • Can be deployed quickly.
  • Also, we really like open source projects.

Anyone can apply, and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply now.
For more information about DAO Grants, email

Create projects on the Incognito platform

Get stuck into the code and make the project better, or build your own amazing products and applications on top of Incognito. Thinking bigger? Fork the code and build your very own privacy blockchain.

Developers, how will you use your superpowers? Browse the code

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