How to check your Virtual Node

There are few things you can do to check when in doubt your vNode is actually working.

First Check

  • Go to the Node tab of the Incognito wallet app
  • Check if earnings are being displayed

If earnings show up, you are connected. The information on Node earnings is collected from the main system.

Second Check
Log in to your server and use docker commands to determine whether or not the vNode software is still running

  • (sudo) docker ps
  • (sudo) docker stats

stats will show an overview similar to this one:
You will see the CPU % increase and decrease.

ps will show an overview similar to this one:

Third Check
Is your vNode accessible to the network?

Use this website:


  • Enter your vNode IP address
  • Enter port 9334 (adjust when you are using other ports)
  • Tab Connect

The results will be displayed in blue (connected successfully), in red (not able to connect)


If status time is not same for all containers, is this a problem?

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Different status time for containers is not a problem.

However, if one or more containers show recent timestamps on several occasions, there might be a problem. It would mean those containers keep restarting. This shouldn’t happen.

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When I run Sudo Docker Stats, I get stats for inc_mainnet and eth_mainnet, but not for inc_logshipper. I’ve never seen inc_logshipper in there. Is that some kind of flaw in my node or program?

My node still connects when I check the Telnet web tool, and it shows as “Waiting” in Kieran’s Tool.

There is no problem. inc_mainnet & eth_mainnet are preconditions. New data comes with no inc_logshipper image.

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