How to invite someone?

Which link should I use?


This link should work:

If not work, Profile (Click Summary below your nickname below your avatar) --> Invites --> “+Send Invite”

Below the posts, there is a share icon (Region capture 464). It may also work but I’m not sure.


@abduraman, the link shows access denied. I also don’t see Invites section in Profile summary. Do you have to reach a certain level to get access?

I don’t know. For visibility, @ning

yep you have to be a member (one up from basic). especially in our case, as referrals do earn some rewards, this is a needed anti-spam measure. it’s not hard to become a member - just requires basic engagement and to spend at least 15 days on the site.

@taruneldho looks like you were recently promoted to member! could you try again?