How to launch and connect your Google Cloud Instance

1. Sign in Google cloud or if you don’t have an account yet, sign up and get a free $300 for 1 year.

2. Select “Compute Engine” -> "VM Instances"


3. Click "Create instance"


4. Set up your instance

In Machine type, select “n1-highcpu-4” as below:


In Boot disk, click on “Change” to modify the disk capacity.


Virtual node requires 120 GB SSD


Click “Select” to close this window, then click “Create” to create the instance and wait a few minutes.

5. Change the firewall rule

Click on “(nic0)


Choose “Firewall rules” on the left bar and click “Create Firewall Rule


Name the firewall rule
Under “Targets”, choose “All instances in the network
Under “Source IP ranges”, input “


Under “Protocols and ports”, choose “Specified protocols and ports” and tick on “tcp”, then input “9334,9433,8545


Then click “Create” and go back to VM Instance.

Your local server is now created. This is the IP address to run your Virtual Node


6. SSH to instance

Click on “SSH”, select “Open in browser window


From this SSH window, you can start to set up the node by following these instructions.


When I look at how to setup nodes on other cloud providers, I don’t see firewall guidance. Are their firewalls not enabled by default?

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For other cloud providers, the default settings are good to go. You don’t need to modify the firewall rules.

Hi, is there a way to run multiple vNodes on the same Google VM? What would be the code for that? @khanhj @Peter

Take a look at @khanhj’s replies to this article

I tried to follow it but I keep getting errors. There is a lot of back and forth on that thread, is there a simpler explanation?

Why don’t you create another instance on the Google VPS? That would be simple in this case.

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The error you encounter (the one you mentioned on Telegram DM) is mentioned in the instructions.