How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode

Previously pNode uses Funded Staking mechanism: The Funder provides 1750 PRV and gets 65% of the rewards, Node owner keeps 35% of the rewards.
Now pNode operator can use their own 1750 PRV to stake and get 100% of the rewards. Here are the detail instructions:
1/ Stop using Funded staking mechanism

On the Nodes screen, tap on the three-dot icon

Image from iOS (22)

Choose “Unstake”

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Tap “Unstake” to confirm the request

Unstake a Node Copy 2

Get back to the Nodes screen, it shows the status “unstaking in process”

Case 1 Copy

Once you complete the next earning, the process will be done. So, it might take for many days.
Also see: The Algorithm of Probability for Node Selection

2/ Use 1750 PRV to stake

On the Nodes screen, tap on “Stake”

Case 1 Copy 3

Confirm your information and tap “Stake 1750 PRV”

Wait for a couple of minutes and refresh the Nodes screen. It is good now

Case 1 Copy 2


1. The text on the modal reads "Unstaking will take approximately 48 hours."

2. Here the comment reads "for many days"

3. Here the comment reads "Unstake happens after earning."

Could someone kindly and clearly articulate what the correct expectation is for unstaking a pNode? Right now there are three different timelines offered and none agree. This is very confusing.

Is the correct UNSTAKING timeline:

  1. 48 hours
  2. for many days
  3. after earning

Hi Mike, the most accurate statement is that “Unstake process is done when the Node completes its earning cycle”. To have your Node unstaked, it must join the committee again first, then get kicked out. This works for both vNode and pNode.
So, “Unstake happens after earning” and “It might take for many days” are also correct explanations.
I think the term “48 hours” is a bit confusing. I will discuss this with @henry to improve this asap.


Thanks Peter. After earning was my expectation; which was why I was very confused when the in-app modal reads “48 hours” in your screenshot.

This should be a high priority item. I forsee upset and/or confused validators trying to understand why their node hasn’t unstaked after “48 hours” only to be told something completely different upon inquiry (ie. “after earning”).

The modal only needs to state that unstake will happen after earning. It doesn’t necessarily need to elaborate that period could be 12 hours, 48 hours, one week or in @Jamie’s case 23 days. I would expect most validators using the unstake process will be familiar with the earning cycle intervals. Attempting to estimate that period will just continue to create confusion.


Hi Mike, this is changed in the update 3.6.4. Thanks for your idea.

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Is it possible to stake 1750 prv at the beginning when the pNode is being set up?

This way there is no delay in staking?


Has anyone unstaked their pnode and funded the required 1750 prv?

How has the experience been in terms of now being rewarded 100% rewards?

And is it worth it? I know personally whatever i earn from my node i originally staked in myconstant but I transferred all of it to the incognito staking app…but the idea of receiving 100% as opposed to a locked in 35% sounds appealing

I would say stake it yourself your missing out on 65% of the payments. Or leave it funding like that and start a Vnode.

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There is no difference in getting selected to earn, between funded staked or own staked Nodes.

This means, whatever you earn now will be about 3x as much as.
There is no change in any of the other metrics.


How do you know if it’s successful after completing this procedure? Would be nice if there was a confirmation somewhere that the 1750 PRV was successfully staked. Guess I have to wait until I get my first reward before I see any difference at all… Cheers…

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When the node has not been staked yet, the “Stake” button shows up. After staking it is gone. But I get what you are saying.