How to vote for the June builder rewards

If you are TL2 or TL3 as of June 24th, you are eligible to vote this month! If you’ve added a valid payment address to your user profile before now, you’ll have just received 1 or more voting coins.

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Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to vote for your favorite product of the month. Let’s get to it.

1. Open the Incognito app and tap ‘Assets’

Tap on Assets to open up your list of coins.

2. Tap on ‘Add a coin’

We’ll need to add the June vote coin to your list so it shows up in your balances.

3. Search or scroll for ‘June Vote’

The token is appropriately named - June Vote, and its ticker is JUNE. Once you’ve found it, just tap on it to add it to your list.

4. Tap on the June Vote coin from your assets view to send

Now that you’ve added JUNE to your list, just tap on it to open up the Send option.

5. Get the voting address

To vote, you’ll need to send JUNE to the address corresponding to the product you want to vote for. Remember to head over to the Vote category on the Incognito site to learn about all the June products! Voting addresses are detailed at the bottom of each product’s topic.

Alternatively, open up the June Builder poll on the voting app here, and tap on the little eye icon to get the address.

The number of votes cast so far can also be seen to the left of the eye icon (voting app screenshot below is not indicative of real data). Your vote may take a few minutes to show up, as the number will only update when the tx is complete.

6. Copy the address shown

If you’re voting from the Incognito site, copy the address at the bottom of each product topic. If you’re using the voting app (shown below), click on the eye icon to reveal the voting address of that product.

If you prefer to scan the QR code, do so from your Incognito app.

Please don’t use the QR code in the screenshot, it is for demonstration purposes only.

7. Paste address into the app and select number of votes if applicable

Paste the product voting address into the Send screen of your Incognito app, and the number of votes you wish to cast. Most eligible voters will have received 1 JUNE, but higher trust levels will have received more.

If you’ve received more than 1 JUNE, you have the option to send all your JUNE to one address, or to distribute them among other products. If you want to do the latter, repeat steps 5-8 for each product you want to vote for.

8. Tap “Send” to vote

Make sure everything’s in order, then send away.

The poll will close on June 30, and results will be announced on on July 1st. In the meantime, you can also keep track of how many votes are being cast on the anonymous voting app. Thank you for voting for your favorite June product!


Since I have only 1 JUNE, I am unable to send the entire PRV without a fee. When entering .9999 PRV it requires me to enter an “integer number.”

Any guidance would be really helpful. I’m excited to vote on these great contributions.

hey, JUNE is a separate token to PRV. You’ll only be able to enter whole numbers (in this case, 1) of JUNE. Additionally, you’ll also need a small amount of PRV to pay for the network fee. Hope that helps!

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Ok I’ll use the faucet to grab it and try it out. Thanks.

Since most of the votes are controlled by the core team when will see those votes cast? Will there be clarity between community votes and core team votes?

you can see the votes come in here:

as for when they’ll be cast… i don’t know. hopefully before June 30!

as for differentiating between community and core team vote,

it’s an anonymous voting application, so it wouldn’t make sense to have different ‘types’ of tokens as they would effectively reveal the identity of the voter. so instead of having differently ‘weighted’ votes, people just have different numbers of them (TL2, TL3, core team).