How we work

The experiment

As with initiatives like Monero CCS and Decred Politeia, this is Incognito’s experiment with open-sourced, crowd-sourced development. In this first iteration of the Incognito DAO, funds will be disbursed manually, and decisions will be made by a handful of members from the core dev team, conducted through a simple forum format. As the Incognito DAO finds it’s feet, this will be automated, decision-making will be opened to the wider community, and the process will be moved on-chain.

The process

These are the three main stages in the funding process: Proposals, Funded Projects, Archive. Each of them is organized as a sub-category in the DAO category.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 23.03.08


  1. Submit a formal proposal as a topic in the Proposals category. Consider bouncing ideas off the community in the Ideas category before submitting a formal proposal – this will help you refine your ideas and determine a need for your solution. You are welcome to submit a proposal in any format you wish, but to make sure you cover all essential elements, here is a template. You can submit a proposal in any area relevant to Incognito. Here is an example proposal.

  2. Once the proposal is posted, it is open to community appraisal. Anyone will be able to respond to your proposal, ask further questions or provide added insight. Do keep an eye on the thread and engage with the community. You can revise the project description at any point during this phase.

  3. In these early stages of the Incognito DAO, the core team will be the funder. Decision making is informed by community sentiment, rigor of the proposal, likelihood of completion, and the short and long term impact it will have. Funds are distributed in PRV.

  4. A read-only key to the Builder wallet is publicly available so anyone can verify the amount in the payment address and keep track of disbursement. The fund is escrowed and maintained by the core team.

Read-only key: 13hWs7u5nSTXkTpSr5saG5NME4UoiXjWqD254spTEm9SU9RgNQqdGbWTxeEXjto2oHkUhVTv5Dy1rEQm1zGHeWLupS7CHxPdgUbsYio

  1. Once funded, the proposal topic is moved to the Funded Projects category.

Funded Projects

  1. The project owner will post weekly updates by replying to the project topic.

  2. The core team will do their best based on available information to decide if progress is satisfactory, and will release the prorated amount or stop funding the project.


  1. Once all milestones are met, the project is moved to the Archive, and tagged [Completed].

  2. Select projects will have topics created for them in the Products category. These will typically be full products or services. Feature improvements can be posted in the topic of the parent product.

  3. Rejected proposals, unfunded projects and abandoned or canceled projects will also be moved here, tagged [void].