Incognito In Tokyo

Incognito In Tokyo

Starting on April 1

1. Problem your are you solving?

Incognito brand need awareness in Japan
Marketing needs localization.

Worth the effort!

Japan is one of the top crypto market with
About 2.5 Millions active traders with Billions in crypto assets.
Incognito is a great fit
Japan tech culture loves gadgets and cute hardware.
They already invest millions in crypto Mining Funds for steady income.
They like quality crypto projects. ( note the success of enigma tezos cardano in japan).

2. Objectives:

Brand awareness, Localization, Basic Education content
Recruit Active wallet users, Generate Hardware sales

3. What’s the plan?

  • ncognito 101 Smart Education
  • Website partial translation, Basic one-pager, Article
  • Incognito App? Tutorial Screen Recording | Voice over | Japanese Subtitles.
  • Download Wallet, What is PRV , Deposit ETH, Trade pETH
  • ERC-20 to pERC-20, Basic DEX
  • Hardware Node Video Unpacking First time user etc…
  • Social Network Incognito channel translations retweet and LinkedIn re- post
  • And Original Japanese content

4. Who are We?

  • MUA() marketing team for the Incognito Japan
  • Experienced and active blockchain mixers
  • South East Asia KOL , well known in the Japanese crypto community.
  • Co-organized conference, side events, VIP Parties in Tokyo.
  • Combined we have attended more than 30 Major conferences since 2018.
  • New York Blockchain Weeks ,Tokyo BW, Seoul BW , Hong kong BW , Singapore BW, Taiwan, Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen ,Devcon 5 2019 etc…

Marco P CTO Co-founder at MUA ()
A Futurist based in Tokyo. Believes in the empowerment of individuals through decentralized technology. Crypto Marketing Director in Japan Since 2018

Lilith L. CMO South East Asia at MUA ()
A True Crypto KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in South East Asia.
Based in Tokyo. Trilingual: Chinese, Japanese, English
Crypto Marketing since 2018
Speaker, Moderator, MC, Business Development.
Influent connection across South East Asia

5. What’s your schedule? Cost?

Timeline: 3 months
Estimated monthly cost: 7500 PRV/monthly (~$3000)
Main cost: localization, content creation, community build up support

Week# 1 Localization:

Partial Website translation

  • About incognito - universal privacy hub
  • Products (wallet, Node, DEX)
  • Japanese Deck


Education Content Creation.

  • How to shield crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT)
  • How to set up/run a Node
  • How to trade on pDEX
  • Social Network presence Japanese Twitter (UPD: let’s lead people to Japanese part of the website)

Week# 3

Soft launch Marketing. Focus group. App downloads

  • First media publications
  • First 5 people in Japanese community around Incognito
  • First Video Node review in Japanese (by influencer)

Week# 4

  • Target 50+ active App users, crypto deposit (comes from Japan)

Monthly Live stream about what’s going on with the

Weeks# 5

Marketing launch

  • Introduce Incognito crew to Japanese community
  • Stream interview. Short 3min clips
  • Weekly Vide stream about Incognito Progress ?

Weeks# 6

Hardware Node Promo launch

Weeks# 7
Node Pre-orders. Scale efforts ++ Active User, Members

Week# 8
Target 100+ Active App users | 5+ Nodes Pre Orders.

Week# 9
Giveaway contest Result, photo ops, marketing push.
Node V2, content update

Week# 10
Target 10+ Nodes Pre Orders.

Week# 11-12
Scale marketing with local Partners.

Cute Gadgets request

We also need 4 Hardware Nodes Version 1

1 Node For Lilith (100% online Node share data update to members.) - approved
1 Node For Marco (100% online Node, test edge update etc…) - approved

1 Node For Contest prize gift most active Japanese supporter - upon confirmation i with the reviewing part
1 Node For Unpacking and Promo - upon confirmation i with the reviewing part


Hi @Lilith, thanks for the proposal. We were thinking about the direction in Japan market. So if you guys could bring Incognito to japan, it would be awesome.

Meanwhile, to more your proposal further, could you please specify a bit more in details the goals for each time period, so it would be easy to track the progress.

For example KPIs by weeks

Week 1-2

  • Website translation, OnePager, Deck (this one clear)
  • Education Content Creation Tutorial which includes - could include exact tutorials we plan to release (for example, “how to shied BTC, ETH”, “how to set up a Node, virtual, physical”, “how to buy PRV” … and so on.

So community will understand how much content materials we get in the end.

Week 3

not clear what kind of results we get by the end of this ?

Week 4

  • to get 100 active users from Japan. Very clear target :+1:

Weeks 5-6-7

  • could we fix some KPI by numbers ? (for example, to make video reviews with 3 local influencers, get 50k impressions on the unboxing video, get 3 orders of pNODE)

Week 8

Very clear target :+1:

Weeks 9-12

If it’s not clear yet, what we are going to do for last 3 weeks yet, because of the situation, virus etc, we could probably skip it and focus on the first two months easily.

Quick advice

Based on my experience, really good works collaboration and integrations with local projects (wallets, blockchains, staking, otc)

And giving samples to local influencers for making Unboxing videos and explanation what is Incognito and why it’s existed (if you are going to do it, we need to know how many samples do you need ? )