Incognito Payment Requests

I would like to suggest adding a payment request functionality to Incognito. I realize Incognito doesn’t host a server to be able to distribute these payment requests, but I have an idea that may work.

Since Incognito has the ability to make private Incognito Tokens, we should be able to make one that the Incognito wallet interprets as a payment request. Users should be able to exchange some PRV for this “payment request token” and send it to someones wallet. On the memo of the token transaction, you specify the coin type, the address to send to, and the amount to send.

In a separate section of the incognito wallet, you should be able to view all these requests in a nice organized fashion. As well as pay the request with an easy accept or decline option.

I think this would be a good feature to add, as it gives it more of a payment platform vibe. This will help cement purchasing things with your Incognito Wallet. Not to mention it might make payments for things much easier.

Obviously there might be some kinks to work out with this idea, but I think it would be extremely beneficial for the long run.


Interesting idea. One issue to solve would be, memos are publicly available.
We could use the PUB coin. (not sharing what it stands for).


Are we able to create cryptographic messages like PGP with your wallet address? That way you need your private key to decrypt the message.

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That’s a cool idea, I think can be an awesome feature of Incognito Pay.

@Revolve I think it’s a good chance to start building own product with Builder rewards :slight_smile:


It has been mentioned as a feature some time ago, to be able to encrypt memos. not sure where it landed on the to do list.