Incognito Wallet Spending Capability

Are there plans in the future to integrate FXC as well as Flexa’s SDK once it is available? This would allow for spending privately directly from the Incognito wallet.

If this happens it would be cool to see an integration of several spendable stablecoins like Terra, Celo, GUSD, TUSD, Pax & ECO to name a few.


yes! this would be an amazing use case. that truly fulfills the vision of bitcoin. bitcoin was designed as peer-to-peer electronic cash system. just that bitcoin is not cash, because bitcoin is not stable and it lacks privacy. cash is stable and private.

we already have usdt, usdc, dai, pax, and busd on incognito. so pUSDT, pDAI, and pUSDC are actually crypto cash. they are stable. and they are private. you can already send these stablecoins privately already via the wallet. for example, crypto payroll is something that you can already do with the current wallet.

do you have a contact at flexa? would love to talk to them.

last i checked, they have like 40,000 retail locations. so it would be amazing to allow people to spend crypto cash at those locations!


Is there an API planned where 3rd parties can integrate a payment solution with the incog app wallet?

If there was a PayPal or Flexshopper type solution that businesses could connect to that would definitely help the transaction request to go up.

The Incog team should not be spending time making 1 off solutions for specific shops, that doesn’t open the system up to the full potential. It needs to be a general purpose API with security and privacy at the core.