Integrate to pDEX all existing privacy coins

To make a pDEX a universal hub where privacy coins can be bought, sold and swapped privately.

Buy and Sell privacy coins CONFIDENTIALLY

  • pBTC to Monero/Zcash/Zcoin and back
  • pUSDT to Monero/Zcash/Zcoin and back

Swap between privacy coins

  • Monero <> Zcash
  • Monero <> Zcoin
  • Zcoin <>Zcash

wow i think this is a great idea. i didn’t realize it until now that the problem with getting monero and zcash via exchanges like binance or coinbase is that i have to do KYC; and therefore there is no privacy from day 1 even if i hold monero or zcash.

are you saying that if monero or zcash are on pDEX, people can buy them with, for example, pUSDT, and remain 100% anonymous?


Yep, with stable coins or privately with BTC or any public coins.

On my feelings such swap could pull some value from public chains to private coins.

Ideal scenario is when you buy Monero or shielded Zcach with without any trace (no KYC, no links between chains. There will no way to link BTC & Monero wallets.

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Hi @andrey

We’d love to support you in building a private wallet to transact shielded Zcash with other digital assets. Please DM if you would like to discuss.