Integration with the world

Any progress for the past week ?

@andrey HI! Of course!
Groups were created to discuss the integration of the following projects:
Very necessary!
Personal company domain email -
Thanks! Success is inevitable! Let’s turn this world around:)


I saw that groups were created, but noone respond from their side. Can you push the discussion forward ?


Oh sure!


This is great!

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REPORT 9 Mar - 15 Mar 2020
It’s been a hot week :fire:
:point_up_2: The team reviews the provided presentation and SDK
:point_up_2: A request was sent to enable the token PRV
:point_up_2: A positive decision on integration has been made, and the team of engineers is actively discussing its implementation
:point_up_2: A positive decision on integration has been made
:point_up_2: In the process of discussing integration
:point_up_2: A video conference was held with a presentation of the project , a positive decision was made on integration, and a work plan was drawn up
:point_up_2: We are currently discussing adding a token PRV
I want to express my gratitude for your help! @andrey @elena


Amazing!! You’re doing a great job!!



  • I can confirm started conversation with Pointpay. They are interesting to add Incognito wallet
  • Telos interesting to be integrated to Incognito wallet and the bridge is required (related to “Partnerships with chains” which @elena run. Good lead.
  • Dcipher - conversation is started

@zes333 try to focus on closing leads above.


  • Chats with Coinomi & Gate are dead, I mean fully dead. Looks like they even don’t know why the chat is existed. @zes333 you should talk with the project and understand if they have any interest in collaboration before you create telegram group.
  • Chat with Monolith is not existed! Why do you count it’s as achievement ?

REPORT 16 Mar - 22 Mar 2020
It’s been a failures’ week :robot:
Telos project engineers are working on implementing the idea of adding our token.
For all other projects, the status of integration is discussed…
received a refusal to cooperate…Math, Airgap, Coinomi, Xinfin, Gate, Ethos, Pint, Bluewallet, Guarda, Monolith.
Thanks! Success is inevitable! Let’s turn this world around:)


I think It was too early to connect all of those companies. Also consider delegating someone for PR who is a native speaker. Monolith would be a great company to cooperate with, but it seems to me they changed their mind, which is a bad omen. I really like how motivated zes333 is, but we have only one shot for most of these companies and he shooted them all.


@raz I think we still have one more chance for each of them. @zes333 mostly firing blank bullets. And I believe many of his messages were just missed out.

And if you can see Zess screenshot the group with Monolith haven’t been created. I mean it’s created but noone is invited. So if you are in contact with anyone from their team. Let’s have a chat with them ?


@andrey I am not a native speaker, but will join you guys with this cause! We need strong alliances in the crypto world and the way to get it is expansion. We are too small at the moment to negotiate.
Will follow up this!


Just to clarify a little more. The Alliance is not to promote Incognito as a company, but privacy as a movement. I hope that makes sense.


Speaking of company-movement nuance, the current situation causes some confusion. When I mention the core team somewhere else, it is understood that Incognito chain has an owner. Yes, in the end, Incognito company and Incognito chain will be different entities like B1 and EOS chain. However, it seems that this will not come true at least for 2-3 years. Do you have any suggestions to make the distinction between the company and the chain clear? @duy


Not for abduraman

As far as I know, the Ambassadors/Rebels are advocating privacy. Promoting how other chains/wallets can add privacy by use of the Incognito system.

We are not converting other cryptos to PRV and store, transfer, trade those anonymously. We are adding privacy to their own coin, and the private/anonymous version of their own coin gets stored, transferred, traded.

Ah well, maybe someone else can describe it using other words.


REPORT 23 Mar - 29 Mar 2020
My activities were very much! I continue to strengthen cooperation with other projects, and negotiations are not easy…Because of the attitude of the incognito team members, the desire to develop this project disappears! I don’t see the point in developing You if you don’t change your attitude to people who value and develop Your revolution!


hey @zes333.
Thank you for your last post. The report “my activities were very much” is not acceptable.

As we discussed before the results only matter, but after your activity I understood that the way you trying to achieve the results matters as well.

Current results.
Integrated wallets: 0
Intention for integration from wallets: 0
Interest for building bridge to third party networks: 1
(Telos wants to have a bridge to incognito, which is good, but we work on bridge to Binance now and have to prioritized telos down)

I’ll updated you result of review of your proposal later today.

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@andrey :wave:t6:
I introduced you to the project management, organized a video conference and gave you all the contacts, what is the current status? Do you need any more help from me?


Hey @zes333 yep, the result of the integration means that your users find incognito chain in their wallet app.

So yes please close that deals, to count it as successfully done.

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REPORT 30 Mar - 5 April 2020
Thank you to one of our team leaders!
*It opened my eyes to the problems that the project currently has! I’m back in business! *
Covid 19 me very prevents me open new doors for new victories! I get one answer over and over again the global financial crisis but how does it affect you? People to whom the project gives a unique opportunity! She has a crisis in her head, we have time and opportunities to change this world! You will see my new ideas later… From the last :

  • I Tear apart the engineers of the teams with whom I agreed:*

1. PointPay

2. Telos

3. Dcipher

4. Monolith

So are new negotiations with new projects:

** Hush*
** Gusrda*
** Bitpie*
** Chorus*
** MPC*
** Zloadr*
** Math*

I also sent a lot of add token to interesting projects!
Believe me, I can change this world and our project! After all, we will all change this world for the better together!