Is $CCX a competitor?

I recently came across conceal network and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the project and what they are aiming to do. It seems like they are doing the same thing as incognito but I am too early in my investigation of the project to really know much about it. It seems that it has more eyes on it and I want to know if they are a competitor or not. If not then would a partnership or an integration make sense?

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It seems one of the many privacy coins (forked from Monero or similar coin) with no very innovative purposes (at the moment). And still PoW.
I think they are completely different from Incognito. Incognito is a bridge between blockchains, it’s a DEX, it’s a platform for tokens and smart contracts that will enable a new ecosystem. And it’s PoS. Definitely not a competitor in my opinion.

Incognito reminds me a mix of other projects, but no one has the same vision of Incognito, currently:
It reminds me of Ethereum 2.0 with sharding…
It reminds me of pTokens for the cross-blockchain token swap.
It reminds me of Komodo, one of the first platforms enabling atomic swaps, DEX, tokens ecosystem…
It reminds me of Enigma Network.
It reminds me of Xcash network, for the platform vision.
It reminds me also other projects. But Incognito shares only some philosophies with these projects, the fact is that is really something new and innovative.


Right on. That’s all good to hear. I’m not sure if English is your first language or not but I think you’re trying to say “It reminds me of” but instead you’re saying “It remembers me”. I apologize if this is not what you are trying to say but I want to make sure I understand your statements. Correct me if I’m wrong. And thanks for the information.

Yes my first language is Italian, sorry if I write abominable things sometimes. I hope the concept is more or less clear

Have you heard of Coinmine? It’s an at home mining rig. Twice the price of a node and apparently you earn less too. I read it’s more about being a miner and not really on ROI.

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Maybe add ETE 2.0 with sharding :slight_smile:

Looks like everyone and like no-one at the same time )



This is the problem with innovation, when you are going to strange new worlds…
Platypus is an innovation in the Darwin ecosystem :slight_smile: