is real ip necessary to run a vnode?


Are you going to run a vnode on VPS or run a vnode on your own computer?


I’d like to run it on a home computer, yes.

It requires technical knowledge to do it. You can research here: Advanced set up: customize the port of your Node


While this is untested and I have not tried it the following should work to allow you to not use your personal IP address.

Signup on no-ip and get a free subdomain (free versions have to be verified via email every month).

Point the domain to your home IP address (you’ll have to update your IP address if it changes. For example: You reset your modem).

In the add a node feature of the app you’ll see it not only can take an IP address but also a domain (example: so this is where you would put your no-ip address. Make sure you check that the port is online through that link.

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