Issue sending PRV from old wallet address format

Sir, I can’t send my prv i can’t trade, because my account Invalid.
This is my proof:
Screenshot_20200624-173352 This Screenshort proof Link:

Account Address:


I can’t use my old account and there have my 15 PRV.

Please help me Incognito Admin.
Old post Link, You can check:

Hope soon solve my problem, Please reply me any admin. @Jamie
Thank you.


Dude, stop spamming the platform with your message about airdrop ending up in an invalid account. Work with the admin who is already helping you.

Creating three accounts, spamming the same message is not going to help you.


Please Help me sir please solve my problem please.

Please back my PRV :sob:

My 15 prv have there, How to forget it? Please recover my Prv please send me my prv on my new wallet please. Is it possibly just answer this? :sob::sob::sob:

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Please Sir i am request you please help me.