Issue your own privacy-first coin on Incognito

Issue your own privacy coin: for many projects, this i the first step. This category is for user-created coins on the Incognito network.

Looking for how to turn existing public coins (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc.) into privacy coins (pBTC, pETH, pBNB)? Check out the Incognito wallet.

Now, here’s how to issue your own privacy coin.

  1. Download the Incognito Wallet app for Android or iOS

  2. Tap “Issue your own coin

  3. Enter your coin details

  4. Start using it!

What can I use coins for?

Living with roommates? Tokenize your security deposit and pay them to do chores for you.

Get reimbursed for common purchases from the coin treasury, and pay teammates with coins.

Issue a voting coin and send one to each member. Vote by sending your coin to one address.

Sell shares to raise funds to buy a house. Then flip it and distribute profits among the shareholders.

Send and receive confidentially on Incognito.

Send your privacy coins to anyone. Just enter their account address or scan their QR code. Your account balance and transactions details are totally hidden from prying eyes.