Join the Incognito alliance!

  1. • Rani
    • Lebanon
    • it’s shielded tech wich provide for the crypto world a platform of freedome.
    • Helping a revolutionary project as an early adopter is the most powerful motivation
    • Spreading this project’s feature with a larger crypto community (TRON) also building community project which support incognito.
  1. English, french and arabic
  2. CS student, founder of ChocoData, bot developer for known crypto companies.
  3. 3 years
  4. Mostly available anytime
  5. Twitter :

Hello! Tell me when the tasks will be known as well as our actions?


What is expected is stated in the initial post. Not sure if selection took place already.


Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from New York City. What I like about Incognito is it’s concept, it’s scalability, and it’s team of people that are working on a project they are passionate about. I like the sense of community and working towards a common goal to grow an idea into a reality, and really get something done. And to be honest and biased, as an investor, I also like the potential for profit.
I’d like to join the program so that I can contribute my help in making all of this happen and knowing I had a part in the network growing and becoming mainstream.
I think I can focus on contributing a few things:

  1. From my career background, I think that I can help contribute in community building through conversation starting and community forum activation, helping keep momentum alive in the forum, and also bridging the gap between Telegram and by helping people move over to the website. I can help smooth out any individual or group upsets and therefore keep member retention high so as to not lose growth momentum.

  2. I could help in creating YouTube video content for further outreach and PR that can help safe point Incognito to new users who will want someone to relate to, acting as a sort of video Podcast to talk about Incognito as well as function as a basic tutorial for things like setting up a vNode or buying PRV in the PDex. I think this could help expand our user base to more than just techie or crypto aficionados. Incognito and crypto should feel accessible to everyone.

  3. I will continue to post my weekly graphed statistics on Incognito Transactions (See:
    Incognito Transactions (TXS) Statistics), as well as a weekly graph for vNode earning statistics based on the average of my own 8 vNodes (See: vNode Earnings Statistics), so that potential investors have some reality on what to expect.

  1. English and semi-fluent in Spanish.
  2. Hospitality and Management.
  3. I’m a newbie!
  4. 5 to 15 hours.
  5. IG: @MichaelDespo


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I am not sure if it’s correct to say “fake” to the person.

Just want to highlight that Incognito Rebels it’s not a job, so there is no way someone hire or fire. It’s a movement and the goal is to gather together people with similar mindset.

And Incognito is a decentralized organization, so whether you feel to start movement in your location or online, feel free without any permission.

You are free person in a free country.

Regarding relation with your government, probably you know better local laws and penalties goes behind each activity.

You build your future!

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You missed a great opportunity with the title:


You missed a great opportunity with the title

too heavy handed :wink:


fair enough

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Hi, my name is Murilo Bovo. I’m from São Paulo, the main city from Brazil.
I am a technology and cryptocurrency enthusiast and I like incognito cause I think it will bring a revolution into the cryptocurrency scenario, as it is a mean we can get real privacy into our money and, because of that, take real control of it. My motivation to join this program is that I would like to spread the good news: “Hey, you can get real privacy in your coins, you can be free about your money, you can take real control of it!”.
I think I’ll be able to translate content from English to Brazilian Portuguese, post it in forum and social media, participate on events etc.
I am psychologist and physician :scream:, so this job will be a way to do something different from what I am used to. :sweat_smile: I’ve been in the blockchain industry for 3 years and I’ll have like 2 days per week to work with this project.
Hope I can get it.

Thanks :upside_down_face:


Thanks for applying. Let’s make sure @andrey notices you.


Hey there! I would love to be a rebel, but I’m not sure I have what it takes. Even if I don’t get to join, I’ll do what I can to spread the message anyway!
Name: Michelle Jefferies
Where: Edmonds WA (Very close to Seattle)
What I like about Incognito: EVERYTHING. I was very disappointed when the US government wanted to start tracking crypto, buti I could understand. I still feel like people deserve to be able to make private transactions, especially in cases where the government may be oppressimg its people and they have no other way to provide for themselves or the ones they love.
My motivation: The ones I love. I’ve been through a lot of trauma and pain, and I don’t want them to go through the same. Unfortunately, the stuff I’ve been through makes it very hard for me to trust anyone, including those who are supposed to protect the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for their service. For the most part, they are HEROES. They put themselves on the line every day, whether it’s literally in the line of fire, our their hearts and souls as they try and direct entire communities. Those decisions aren’t easy. But there are bad apples in with the rest, just like any other grouping of people, and I feel like it is our own responsibility to be vigilant, and not be a contented sheep.
What I think I can contribute: See, this is the hard part. I’m trying to grow a channel on YouTube, and the community to go with it, but right now I’m a nobody. I don’t even know too much about the techy stuff. But I am enthusiastic!
What language am I fluent in: English. I grew up speaking Japanese, but a lot of that has rusted away due to lack of use, and I never learned to read or write it.
Occupation: Currently retail, though I am slowly phasing out of that to follow my YouTube dreams.
How long in block chain: Uh…I owned a few Bitcoin when several thousand could buy a pizza. Then lost the wallet. Otherwise, I have very little technical knowledge.
Free time: At least a day per week, preferably broken up into chunks.
Links: Instagram @SynthiaNominae
Twitter: @SynthiaNominae


a)Your name, I am RAZ
b) Where you’re from, EU
c) What you like about Incognito, the philosophy
d) What your motivation to join the program is to become a validator and active DAO member
e) What you think you can contribute all kinds of webapplications and marketing

  • Which language(s) are you fluent in? Clojure
  • What’s your occupation serial entrepreneur
  • How long have you been in the blockchain industry? 7
  • How much free time can you commit per week? 5
  • Please also include a link to your twitter profile or other social media

Hey @OhDonPiano, @SynthiaNominae @raz :wave: :wave: :wave:

Welcome to the Alliance!

This thread is the first step of our collaboration. We will not give you a direct tasks or manage your workload. Every Rebel is willing to initiate own activity which could bring benefits to the community!

Feel free to share your idea here. Or if you already know what you gonna do and have a plan, get funded from the DAO.

Here is some ideas how could you help the alliance.



Thank you, @andrey! :smiley:

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Woo! I have no idea what I can do, other than enthusiastic support! Um…time to get started on that, I suppose!


With languages we actually mean the ones you can communitcate in with other people. English seems to be one, maybe there are more.

I was joking, I tend to call Clojure as my main language, because in the recent years I wrote more Clojure than any other language :wink:
Hungarian is my native.

clojure! i never actually get to write in closure, but lisp was my favorite language in college!