how does jservers work for nodes to get prv

Ask in the Jserver discord page. You got it when you signed up with jserver

This isn’t their site. So ask on their support discord

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Can u trade prv

They have a discord channel you can ask all questions. Here is link: https://discord.com/invite/Y2n2nvA

Briefly, when you earn PRV, no matter where your private vnode is hosted, you need to withdraw the tokens from the node into the app. You can’t use the PRV until you do this. To withdraw earnings from a node, just tap the node icon to get started.


That is what it is made for. Trade on PDEX with it.
one cannot speculate with it on other exchanges, that is useless and counter productive. PRV will grow as exchange grows. I know that sounds crazy to may people but PRV is crypto With a Use case and not a speculative coin.