Marketing: Turn your public coins into privacy coins

What has pulled you into this project?

For me personally it was the fact that I can turn public coins into privacy coins. At least for me this was the main reason to give it a try.

Now since I´m getting more and more involved and passionate about the project I realized that the “Marketing” e.g description in the App Store mainly focuses on the exchange feature. I see the exchange just as a tool in order to achieve the goal (turning normal coins into privacy coins).

Am I the only one with this view?

I believe if we change the focus of the marketing we could attract a lot of more people. The “product” would be clear defined “Turn your coins into privacy coin”. We would have a unique selling point etc.

The description in the App Store could start like:
“Turn all your coins like BTC, ETH… easily into privacy coins…”

I hope you get my approach. What do you think guys? What has pulled you into this project?


In the same line of thought I would go with “Add privacy mode to your cryptocurrency”.


Well, this is a good point. The focus should be on the privacy, not on the exchange or on the liquidity. I’m interested in Incognito because I can turn my existing coins into privacy coins. So the marketing should be focused on this. Good point :+1:t2:


hey @sato thanks for this - makes me really happy. it’s definitely what incognito’s about. concretely, there are a few core ‘actions’ that translates to: Send, store, trade, invest, and more. turning public coins into privacy coins in and of itself is the Store use case, whereas we wanted to position incognito as more than a wallet, but a place where you can conduct your favorite crypto activities confidentially. a hub/platform/ecosystem that includes what is currently the only 100% anonymous crypto exchange out there.

this phrase is currently on the app store description, and was originally the headline. it’s important for sure, and in my mind, illustrates some of the core principles driving incognito (as @jamie said, privacy for your existing currencies. not just another privacy coin).

however, unfortunately or fortunately, most of the crypto space is still focused on buying and selling crypto, even if they are not day traders. the other use cases are far less common.

the previous app store/project description did focus on the Store use case (incognito mode for your crypto/turn your public coins into privacy coins), but unfortunately we saw fewer downloads because people simply weren’t looking for it.

we do a lot of experiments here, and the current one is to focus on the pDEX. in our limited experience (the project is still young), the pDEX has proven the best way to first draw people in, after which they stay for the extensive privacy features.
of all the ‘activities’ possible in the incognito app, this has shown the most promise so far.

the team continues to explore in all directions, and will keep experimenting with the best ways to grow. thank you for your thoughtful post, and welcome to the community! always great hearing from another privacy advocate.


I like the comment from @Jamie

From a longer-term marketing perspective, I think we’d need to position this product as a privacy “enabler” for most (if not all) cryptocurrencies - but pDEX is an integral part of the product ecosystem. The fact that we’re able to keep a ridiculously low transaction fee on trades is only because of the pDEX exchange system. So I don’t see how we’ll take that away from the marketing pitch. But I may be missing something here, so please feel free to chime in! :slight_smile: