Max/Withdraw All button in pDEX

The app is constantly evolving, but if there’s ever a point where we’re looking for more features to add, what do you guys think about adding a max or withdraw all button?

There is a “MAX” button in the “Send” feature in the wallet, but it’s not in the pDEX.

It’s something I’ve already felt the desire for, especially when you have a random amount of a coin that you’re trying to switch between the pDEX and Account 0.

for example:

If I had 0.0002342439 pBTC in the pDEX after trading that I wanted to put back in my wallet, I’d have to type out that figure by hand.

It’s not a big deal, but when it comes to adoption of a product, convenience is king.

The send all/withdraw all button would shave milliseconds off the time I waste in life.
What do you think?


@aaron :wave:t6:
Cool idea :bangbang:


A ‘trade all/max’ button would be good too.


Wow that’s a cool idea. Would be so convenient for the users. Thank you.


Yep, it would help. It has been mentioned before but before Discourse was live.

For trading it would be great if it could be extended to reduce the max amount with the (default) fee and/or adjust when the fee is changed.

I can see the devs getting a headache already :upside_down_face:


Great idea!

I just want to take this time to remind them how much we appreciate them and how much we don’t want to get murdered in our sleep.


I’ve been plugging in the amount I have into the function trade_amount = (total_amount - tx_fee)/100025*100000 (0.25% was the pDex trading fee iirc? adjust the 100025*100000 to whatever the trading fee is)


Nice :+1:


This would be great. Especially the option of it taking into consideration the fees, so it’s all just ready forr you to go and trade without needing to do the math yourself.

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