Merch store for Incognito Chain

Is there any hope of starting up an Incognito Chain store?


many are in hopes that a open source payment gateway will be released, so that the community as a whole as the ability to integrate PVR or payments using the Incognito network are available.

This way, the community, transactions, the growth of the network and users are all benefits from an open source version.

Fingers crossed its something that can be done sometime soon. I think its a huge addition to transactions and another real world use for incognito.


That’s awesome but I was thinking more along the lines of incognito merch

Yep, one of the community members @Joe_Moffett is working in exactly that.

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Oh cool any word on the progress?

Yep, there were several requests for this. we work on a payment gateway for businesses.

Meanwhile, if you use pApp sdk its possible to accept payments inside Incognito wallet.

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You’re talking of T-shirts :tshirt: Hats :tophat: and sunglasses? :dark_sunglasses:


Yes lol

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