More pApps for Incognito?

I do believe that the more use cases Incognito has, the faster it grows. What other pApps should we build on top of the Incognito Chain?

I’ll go first. In my opinion, crypto payroll is a pretty good application for Incognito Chain, since many countries are now paving way for crypto payroll, such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Estonia, and the trend is growing. Besides, nobody wants their financial income to be easily accessible like it is now on blockchain, therefore the need for privacy is there.

Anyone with any idea, big or small, about the use cases of Incognito Chain, drop it here.


Crypto payroll is a perfect use case. A pApp with good UI for payroll is a really good idea, esp for freelancers or distrbuted teams working with different local currencies.

‘Developing’ new pApps is needed, but I think ‘integration’ can also bring up many amazing use cases to Incognito network.

And it seems like ‘integration’ is the word that we should embrace here instead of ‘developing’. Basically, Incognito builds an add-on & would-be-necessary feature for the crypto space called the incognito mode. So the logical thinking is that all prevailing use cases of the crypto world can be turned into their versions in incognito mode. When users are aware of the importance of privacy right, they will switching their use into which in incognito mode.

Some ‘integrations’ that we can think of are

  • BTC-accept ecommerce sites => pBTC-accept ecommerce sites
  • Compound - the lending protocol => privacy Compound - the privacy lending protocol
  • DEX => privacy DEX (pDEX, we already had it) where people trade cryptos decentralizedly & in private