MyConstant Crypto Lend Enquiry

Hello I am new to MyConstant and recently I found they had added the Crypto Lend function which give 10% APY to BTC & ETH. The return is very high so I further study the investment rational behind. Eventually I came to here and I keep studying the node and PRV concept.

I have the following questions would like to have some feedbacks.

  1. I assume the BTC/ETH i deposit in MyConstant will be used to add the liquidity pool? Is my assumption correct?

  2. If I could deposit BTC/ETH in MyConstant and receive BTC/ETH in return compare with LP in incognito and earn nothing but PRV, what is the position and value of LP then?

  3. If the incognito is for PRV return VS MyConstant for BTC/ETH investment return, will it be just better to open the BTC/ETH Liquidity to other crypto lending platform?

Appreciate some feedbacks to clarify my doubts! Cheers!


Hey @Patrick_Yu

We collaborate with Constant, they are one of liquidity provides for Incognito pDEX, but Constant decides what to provide. I assume that they work not only with Incognito.

LP continuously changing. Check Coming soon: Pool v.2

Pool V2 will be open to anyone liquidity provider. Including other lending platforms.