Network topology for efficient p2p networking in Incognito


  • Implement algorithms to create an efficient network topology for p2p communication.

Length: 1 month

Key results:

  • Researched about algorithms that fit desire topology of Incognito network.
  • Successfully implement and test chosen algorithms.


  • Currently Incognito network still relies on Highway for all network communication. In this proposal we aim to reduce the dependence on Highway for block creation.



Weekly update 1/6->5/6:

This week we have been looking at a few network topology papers. Currently, this paper seems to fit the need of our consensus algorithm.

Next week, we will analyze a few more papers on network topology to choose the one the more fitted to our network and start planning on how to implement and tests the chosen.

We are looking forward to more ideas from the community, please feel free to comment or give feedback. :smiley:


Weekly update 8/6->12/6:

We have decided to use a tree-like network topology for consensus. With this topology, the number of messages in the network will decrease substantially and the delay in the worst-case scenarios will also be improved. Here how this topology work.

In the next 2 weeks, we will start implementing and testing this topology.


Can you “layman’s term” that for me real quick :joy:


Simply explained, we are trying to make the network more decentralised.


After 2 weeks of implementation and testing, we have implemented the current solution at this repo.

This proposal is temporally concluded here as there are some internal discussions on redefining network goals.

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