Nito FAQ (Telegram Bot)


1. What is Nito?

Nito is the unofficial Incognito Telegram Bot. She helps validators keep an eye on the status of their nodes.

2. What can Nito do?
Command Description Note
/notify Turn push notifications on/off
/status Get a list of your nodes and their status Nodes are either waiting, pending, earning or not found.
/list See a list of your nodes
/add A new node to the list, format as /add-node name-account public key /add-Account 0-1xyzyourkeygoeshere
/delete Removes a node from the list This has no effect on your node on the network
/deleteall Removes all of a user’s nodes
/request Request a new feature, format as “/request-Request goes here”
/requestlist See the entire list of requests
2.5 What can Nito NOT do?
  • This is a privacy-conscious group so Nito can’t see your IP address or make your node stake/unstake/trade/transfer funds etc.
  • Nito can see your telegram userid, and the public keys you give her.
  • Nito does log chat sent to it for testing/debugging purposes.
3. What if I need help?

For now, toss a comment here and I’ll see what I can do.

4. What's Nito's road map?

The roadmap is hosted here on in Core Development.

5. How can I support Nito development?

I’m excited for people to use it, give it a try.

6. Blah, blah, blah how can I access Nito?

Go to Telegram!


Just tested it and it seems to work well, thank you!

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It tells me my Node is broken: Here’s what I found:
*Broken: Stake public key
The rest are waiting.

And it sends me a lot of messages for just one request.

I agree,

the rest are waiting

is an unnecessary statement.

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I’ve tightened up the messaging for folks with a single node.


Question…when you ask for public key…is it the public key for account0, pstake, or the one listed for the pnode?..I got a lil confused there…but looks nice for as far as I got… :sunglasses:

The public key for your Node.

Ok…entered node…it list my node when I query the bot…but when I query bot as to status of node bot responds that node is not found…so now what?

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I’ll message you, I think I see the problem

just used it and it works well. I will trust this info and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic little app.

Are status updates sent automatically?

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Thanks @davoice321! Automatic updates aren’t available yet, it is in active development and will be released per the schedule.


Very cool. @Josh_Hamon you’re a beast. This is awesome.

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@Josh_Hamon, this is very cool! Are you able to see people’s conversations with the bot?

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Great question! I am currently logging what the bot receives for testing/debugging. I think I will update the FAQ to let people know. I can user publickeys and telegram userids.

Push notifications are now live!

(Use /notify to turn them on/off)

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